25in Tomcat CRZ Cylindrical Rider Auto Scrubber and Sweeper

Item #: FE1753 Manufacturer #: 605-25TC

Product Description

Tomcat's CRZ Rider Floor Scrubber Dryer is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The CRZ Floor Scrubber Dryer comes equipped with a powerful front-wheel drive for climbing ramps and max operator ease.


While keeping with the constant durability that Tomcat machines have to offer, your operators will find the CRZ Floor Scrubber Dryer easy to maneuver and simple to service. The deck is protected by heavy duty metal shrouds or large polyurethane rollers to keep the unit from marking walls and your investment safe.


The CRZ Scrubbers are available with Disk, Cylindrical, & EDGE scrub heads.

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